20 November 2008


Yesterday, Purdue's PRSSA chapter had the privilege of listening to Kevin Eikenberry, a two-time best selling author, speaker, consultant, trainer, and Chief Potential Officer of the Kevin Eikenberry Group, a learning consulting company based in Indianapolis.

Kevin's message centered on the value of getting involved during our time in college. He emphasized that deciding to take this leap will improve our lives, both in the present and in our future.

Through his work as a consultant, Kevin emphasizes that each of us is remarkable (thus the remarkable wrist band above that he handed out), and it is only a matter of recognizing and utilizing our individual skills before we will truly succeed.

One thing he mentioned that particularly struck me is this: "Leadership is not a title, and it's not about power - it's an action!" He encouraged us to 1) look for a way to help an organization we are interested in, 2) recognize that we are capable of helping and commit to do doing so, and 3) TAKE ACTION!

An interesting side note: in a personal conversation, he said that the use of technology and social networking tools, such as blogging and Twitter, are essential in today's world. Furthermore, Kevin said that it would be a great idea for a grad with an eye towards the future to start a personal blog. It serves as a fantastic opportunity to meet professionals, to learn more by following other blogs, and is a great way for a potential employer to get to know you. Just a thought!

Want to know more about Kevin? Check out his blog!

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