14 November 2008

Half Day with a Pro

College: an excellent opportunity.

Internships: essential.

Contact with Public Relations professionals: priceless!

The annual “Half Day with a Pro” event sponsored by Hoosier PRSA was extremely successful, as I’m sure is the case each year. This being my first time attending, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Coming out of the experience, I would recommend it to anyone considering it next year.

I met with a professional named Gail Payne, APR, who has had broad experience in the PR field. She began by working with law firms, then was employed by non-profit organizations, and has recently started her own business in Indianapolis called “The Goods.”

What I experienced was truly beneficial. I learned much more about various opportunities in the job market today, about what employers are looking for in grads, and what skills are most beneficial to have before leaving college. These professionals are doing us a favor by offering their time and advice, and every PRSSA member should take advantage of it!

Those of you who went: how was your experience? Let me know!

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Anonymous said...

You're so right! I've been to this twice now, and I think it's one of the best things I've been a part of.